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    Our Team

    Game changers.  Carrier Wranglers.  Communications and Technology experts. Able to leap tall buildings...  ok, maybe our super powers don't go that far.  But, we are a group of highly experienced professionals with direct carrier and service provider relationships.  We've worked for, and with, some of the largest communications companies on the planet and we're a business, too.  As a result, we're able to leverage our combined knowledge and experience to provide superior value to our business and commercial clients. 

    What We Do

    Telecommunications and Technology Consulting

    Vendor Management

    Complete IT Solutions

    For Small Business to Global Enterprise:  Our team matches your business needs with hundreds of carriers, telecommunications providers and related resources on the local, national and global level.  We evaluate not only what your current services and spend is, we look at every available option in your single or multi-location to create the best solution for your needs or specific goal, then project manage through implementation.  From there, we monitor all your vendors, keep up with current offerings and ensure you have the best ongoing fit to support your business and your growth plans.  We work in tandem with existing in-house IT staff or provide all the resources you need if you don't.  For small business, our solution could just mean a simple "tweak" to your current services that makes a huge difference.  For enterprise or global customers, emerging and disruptive technologies may be the ticket.  The best part is... consulting with us is free (even if we create a ton of savings), never results in higher costs than going direct, and saves your business alot of time and money.  We'll find the right combination that helps your company not only succeed but gain a competitive advantage through the use of tools and resources you may not even know exist.  Businesses need to continually evolve to stay competitive. We're your success partner for the long haul.

    For HOA and Condo Communities:  Multi-Carrier consulting.  Know your options!

    For Carriers and other Telecommunications Providers:  Authorized Service Providers, sales team support and project management. Site Acquisition and Marketing Agreement negotiations. 

    Products and Services

    • High Speed Fiber Optic internet/data
    • Cable/Broadband
    • SD Wan
    • Complex Solutions/MPLS
    • Voice/Unified Communications
    • Cyber Security
    • Cloud
    • Colocation
    • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    • Mobility
    • Wireless Technologies; DAS and Small Cell
    • Site acquisition and Marketing agreement negotiations.
    • Sales Team support, project management.
    • IT Support Services
    • Vendor Management
    • Inside Wire/Cabling Services
    • Audio Visual Solutions

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